Kül is Better
Than Bottled

It’s time to get rid of bottled water
and make the switch to Kül!


Bottled Water Blues?

Bottled water coolers have always been inconvenient (lifting
and storing bottles, anyone?), but now the cost is out-of-sight.
Delivery fees of $15 and more can push your monthly
bill to over $80 a month. And that’s for just a few bottles.

Kül Reinvents
the Water Cooler

Kül gets rid of the bottle, using state-of-the-art
technology to transform ordinary tap water into delicious
refreshing water for the whole family.



Kül is the only drinking water solution that delivers quality and savings that are better than bottled water.

*Costs based on 1 gallon/day and 2 deliveries/month for 5-gallon bottle service

Unlimited Sparkling Water!

Just press a button and enjoy fresh sparkling water! Can your
water cooler do chilled sparkling water at the touch of a
button? Kül delivers incredibly refreshing water, glass after
glass, without any bottle changes.

Learn why thousands of homes are
making the change to kül

  • Just got this unit, and so far, love it. Replaces both our Sodastream and water cooler type hot/cold water dispenser and its heavy water jugs. Easy intuitive setup. Lives next to our 'fridge, so was easy to splice into the water line for the icemaker. Carbonation was low, but stellar customer service walked my wife through how to increase it.

  • This machine is the greatest investment I have ever made. I am completely off bottled water... I used to have the 5 gallon delivery service and buy the 24 packs as I can't stand the taste of tap water. Kul dispenses delicious and refreshing water... both for drinking and for making tea... which I also drink a lot of. I am so happy to get rid of all that plastic that is so harmful to the earth.

  • Truly had searched around for so long for a water cooler that also had sparkling. Our office loves our new machine. Cute, easy to set up, and extremely user-friendly! I would highly recommend!

  • I absolutely love our Kul water fountain machine. In a few short weeks we have drank the equivalent of almost 300 bottles of water. Best purchase I have made in a while.

  • Fantastic product. Great filter capacity and love having carbonated water on tap in the house. One of the few more expensive purchases devoted to beverages in my household that I do not regret!

  • We absolutely love it! It's easy to use, easy to keep clean and is consistent with amazing taste. My twins and I use it exclusively. It is worth the price.


Good for you.
Good for the Planet.

With kül, you can hydrate your body with freshly filtered water
while doing something good for the earth.