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Cold, Sparkling, Ambient & Hot

  • Our commercial grade water filter is replaceable in seconds, and reduces over 80 contaminants including Chlorine, Lead and Bacterial Cysts. Each filter purifies up to 350 gallons of water.

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  • Choose from ice cold (42°F) or ambient temperature water with our high capacity cooling system at the touch of a button.

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  • Enjoy effervescent sparkling water on demand with kül CO2 - carbonating over 125 glasses of water per cartridge. And the first three are always free.

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  • Enjoy piping hot tea, cocoa or coffee with instant hot water up to 180°F in seconds.

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Why Kül?

The Most Useful Appliance

All day, every day - kül is perfect for refilling water bottles, mixing up sparkling spritzers, or even tea and cocoa at the touch of a button

The Ultimate Soda Maker

Enjoy effervescent sparkling water on demand - Instantly mix up your favorite mocktail or cocktail or just enjoy plain - whatever tickles your tongue

Healthy Hydration Habits

Kül helps you meet your hydration goals. Recharging your body with filtered ice cold water, boosting your mental and physical performance

No Bottles, No Hassle

Tired of carrying cases of water bottles back and forth from the store to your house? Kül keeps it convenient - reuse your own water bottle and be hassle free

Be the Change

Did you know the United States produces 30% of the world's waste and uses 25% of the world's natural resources? Make a change with kül today and reduce single beverage waste

"I love it so much!! The water reminds me of glacier water we had in Alaska. The Kul has definitely increased my water intake. The sparkling water is amazing!!"

Product: Kül Artic

"We love our Kul Spark Obsidian and we use it every day. Recently we even cut back on having water bottles delivered to our house.

I had some questions and a bit of a problem setting up my Kul (this was more user fault then anything else).

I surprised I was able to get a customer service/rep right away. I like that, its rare to have a real live customer service agent who is easily available to help you when you need it. For that they should get 10 stars but 5 stars is the max I can get.

Great product, great company and great customer (tech) service."

Product: Kül Obsidian

"I love having cold, hot, ambient temperature, and sparkling water all from one unit. My family drinks much more water and uses fewer cans/bottles now."

Product: Kül Mica

"Our employees love our new KUL Spark machine, the sparkling water taste is a huge favorite - so fresh and delicious! We are very happy with our purchase of this machine."

Product: Kül Mica

"We love our Kül dispenser. The meter shows we've used as much sparkling water as we have cold - which shows how much the whole family loves it. The touchscreen display is great, the controls are intuitive and easy to use, and it comes with a great warranty. If I could change anything, it would be an option to use a larger CO2 tank, as we're burning through these cartridges about every 2 weeks. Otherwise, we're all around very happy with this, and all of our guests have been amazed as well."

Product: Kül Mica


  • Piping Hot, Instantly

    Kül makes piping hot water instantly...180°F for the perfect cup of tea. No waiting necessary.

  • Kül Touch

    From child safety settings to language selections – you’re always in control.

  • Sparkling on Demand

    Each kül CO2 cartridge carbonates over 125 glasses of water and is fully recyclable. Your first 3 are always free.

  • Unmatched Cold-Water Capacity

    Endless cold water at 42°F – to meet any demand.

  • Hygienic Design

    Easily remove drip tray and faucet for effortless cleaning.

  • Kül Ultimate Filter

    This commercial grade water filter reduces over 80 contaminents and purifies up to 350 gallons of water.

Worry Free Returns

Return your kül for a full refund within 30 days of purchase if you don’t love it.

Free Shipping

Enjoy free shipping on first time kül orders.

0% APR

Get the kül for 0% APR.

3 year limited warranty

Your kül comes with a three year limited warranty that also covers all accessories.

60 Million Plastic Bottles Are Thrown Away Per Day

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