There are 2 types of installation methods.
The kül Installation videos in the support section will help you determine which type of installation is best for your application. For questions or assistance with installing the kül, please refer to your owner’s manual, or call our technical support team at 833-866-0560.

Updating your passcode is easy with kül.
Simply select "product information" in the "settings" screen. Press and hold the kül logo for 5 seconds. You will then be directed to the "advanced" screen where you can select "reset passcode".

There are several different reasons you could be experiencing no water flow. Please confirm the following as steps to ensure proper water flow.

1. Confirm that the main waterline and shutoff valve is open. If once is closed there will be no water.

2. Confirm that there is a filter inside the unit.

3. Confirm that the reservoir/sidekick is seated
properly. This can be installed backwards accidently. Please refer to the manual included with the SideKick.

4. Are you connected to normal plumbing, or an RO System. RO systems can at times cause low or inadequate water flow. Please contact tech support for further instructions.

5. Are the valves “clicking” when you press to dispense. If you don't hear clicking then there could be a mechanical issue. Please check with tech support if this is the case.


If you notice your carbonated water is weak, you may need to do a system purge to improve the taste. Please make sure you are waiting at least 2 hours after initial installation before dispensing Sparkling Water.

1. Turn off the water supply (using the shutoff valve on either the blue supply tubing for plumbing connection or white supply tubing from the SideKick) and dispense sparkling water until only gas is dispensing.

2. Dispense the gas (CO2) for 3-5 seconds, then open the shutoff valve on the water supply and allow the internal tank to refill. You will hear the booster pump inside the machine run to refill the tank.

3. Dispense two (2) full glasses of sparkling water, then allow the kül to sit for at least 30 minutes and re-saturate the sparkling water reservoir.

4. If issue persists, perform these steps again. If results are still not satisfactory, contact kül Technical Support for additional trouble shooting.

Order refills on our website, or call us at 833-866-0560.

If you don’t see any water dispensing while pressing your sparkling dispense button. First check to ensure the tank is fully twisted in. You need to make sure you twist through the hissing which is normal. If the tank is confirmed all the way installed, then you need most likely need to replace the külCO2 tank.

You should see around 250 – 8oz. glasses of sparkling water, which replaces 125 – 16 ounce bottles.


kül Ultimate removes a long list of contaminants including Pharmaceuticals, Asbestos, Chlorine, and Lead. Please visit our filtration page for a full list of contaminant reduction.

kül’s filter life monitor will alert you when it’s time to replace your filter. Since water quality varies, those areas with heavy sediments may find that filters clog, and the water will dispense slower. Replacing your filter will restore normal flow.


Typically that means there is air in the water line – flush water
through the ambient and cold.

You will also see some cloudy water after a filter change. This is normal as air gets trapped in the filter. Continue to flush 1-2 gallons of cold or ambient water through the filter to clear up any cloudyness.

If the water coming from the faucet seems slower than normal, it might be time for a filter change. In some areas the water quality may cause your filter to expire before the year point. If you have changed your filter and are still experiencing low kül flow, please call the kül Tech Squad.

If you press any of the dispense buttons on the touch screen and don’t receive any water, there are several items to check. Make sure the filter is installed in the fully locked position. Also, make sure your Shut-Off Valve in the back is in the ON position and your water line is functional.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, there might be an issue with another area of the kül. Contact the kül Tech Squad for further diagnosis.

Tip: When cleaning the kül, be careful to keep water away from the Touch Screen area and avoid detergents – clean the kül with mild soap and a damp towel. Moisture can damage the Touch Screen and require more frequent replacement. 


While kül does not offer a service network, most kül issues can be addressed by contacting our kül Tech Squad. Please call them at 833-866-0560, or email

kül strives for excellence in everything we do. Occasionally you may experience a small problem that requires some troubleshooting. You can feel free to email or call us 815-324-4445 Monday-Friday 8am – 4:30pm CST. Emails and calls received after normal business hours will be returned next business day. Take some time to review the troubleshooting tips.