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Why getting a home water dispenser may be the best move of 2022

With more natural disasters happening then ever before and water levels continuing to rise it can be hard to feel safe drinking the water that comes from your tap. That’s why it may feel like it's time to purchase a home water dispenser. To keep you and your loved ones safe from drinking contaminated water, to save you money and have you feeling better.

Benefits and Uses of Filtered Water
There is some uncertainty when it comes to consuming filtered water.  You may ask, why do I need or want filtered water?  Isn’t my tap fine?  Or the bottled water I am drinking?  If you are unsure, here are some benefits and uses of filtered water to help you decide if you need a filtration system.
What’s in Your Drinking Water?
Just because your water looks clean, doesn’t mean it’s actually safe to drink.  As the ever famous movie Erin Brockovich clearly depicts, there could be harmful chemicals lurking in your local water supply, and you would never know.  This movie is based on the true story of a local water supply contaminated by Pacific Gas and Electric Company of California.  Just one of the many People vs. Large Corporation cases that will continue to rise.
Sparkling Water IS Just as Hydrating as Still Water
Stay hydrated any way you can!  Flat water can be boring, so why not add in Sparkling Water to keep hydrated?
The Answer to How to Make Sparkling Water
Wondering how to make sparkling water? The all-in-one solution for all your daily hydration needs. It comes with the ability to instantly create a fresh...
Benefits of Sparkling Water – Bubbles for all
Bubbles galore: – benefits of sparkling water. The concept of fizzy water has been around for decades now and, over the years, has gained more popularity...