Sip your way to Kül convenience, versatility, and sustainability.

kül effervescence

An invigorating sparkling spring at your fingertips... Pure, Cold & Delicious.

Live Sustainably

Be kind to our planet and ditch the bottles of bubbly.


Say Goodbye to hauling & storing heavy cases of bottled water, and say Hello to kül.

unlimited recipes

Mix it Up with Mocktails & Cocktails. Create natural, healthy freshly filtered sparkling drinks you crave.

The First 3 Are Free

When it comes to the bubbly, we have you covered. Receive 3 free CO2 Cartridges with your purchase of a kül Spark.

Once you’re down to your last kül CO2 cartridge, simply order a 2-Pack Refill which delivers straight to your door.  Use the included return label, and return your empties to kül at no charge to you! Never let those bubbles fade.

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Twist. Remove. Replace.

So Much More Than A Soda Maker

chill out

Stay hydrated with kül’s instantly cold DirectChill. Thirst quenching sparkling on the hottest of days!

freshly filtered

Kül always goes the extra mile, reducing loads of contaminants in your cup. You wouldn’t believe what we put our water through.

on demand

Ready anytime you are...the only thing slowing you down wiil be the line in front of you.

Better for the planet

5% of earth’s fossil fuel is used in the production of single use plastic

71% of plastic bottles are NOT recycled

74% of glass bottles are NOT recycled

1 cartridge, major impact

1 kül cartridge carbonates 60 liters of water replacing 125 16oz. bottles.

Better for you

Sustainability Redefined. Better for you...

Return. Refill. Reuse.

Returning your empty kül CO2 cylinders helps save the planet, one bottle at a time. Be a part of the Reduce, Reuse, Return Revolution.

Order & Exchange

Order CO2 cylinder refills online and with your new shipment receive a convenient pre-printed return label.

Pack & Ship

Pack your empty cylinders into the exchange box & attach shipping label to package.


Leave package in your mail box for USPS pick up, or drop at a local Post Office.