7 Reasons kül Is For You

Water the way you like it.

  • Pure refreshment at the touch of a button.
  • Sparkling – Hot – Cold – Ambient
  • Freshly filtered and dispensed on demand.

Bring On the Bubbles

Imagine an endless supply of amazing sparkling water – filtered, chilled, and ready to refresh.

Add fruits, herbs or juices for imaginative concoctions that tickle your taste buds.

Game Changing Filtration

Inside every kül is a serious commercial-grade filter that removes 80+ contaminants.

Enjoy clean, crisp water, glass after delicious glass.

Chill Out

Quench your thirst on a hot summer day, after working out, or just out for a healthy hike. Kül dispenses up to 60 glasses/hour at 42°F or below ... no ice needed!

Freshly filtered, instantly chilled ... now that’s kül.

Get Into Hot Water

Kül delivers piping hot 180°F water, already filtered and ready to pour.

Relax and enjoy tea, cocoa, or ramen soup anytime of the day. Even cook-up frozen veggies in minutes… a huge plus for any kitchen.

Mother Earth Needs You

The earth is drowning in single-use plastic, from packaged beverages, bottled water, and more.

Make a difference with kül, where just one filter replaces up to 2800 plastic bottles and reduces your carbon footprint year after year.

Everybody Loves kül

Join the kül community where better health and natural refreshments promote a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet!

Good for You. Good for the Planet.