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Benefits and Uses of Filtered Water

November 28, 2022

There is some uncertainty when it comes to consuming filtered water.  You may ask, why do I need or want filtered water? 

Isn’t my tap fine?  Or the bottled water I am drinking?  If you are unsure, here are some benefits and uses of filtered water to help you decide if you need a filtration system.

  1. Benefit:  Drinking filtered water tastes better than drinking tap water riddled with chlorine taste, sulfur and lead.  Since it tastes better, you want to drink more of it!  Which means you are choosing to drink fresh delicious water over soda, energy drinks and other sugary beverages which has been known to cause health issues.
  2. Use: Filtered water can be more than just plain water!  Fill coffee pot with water from your kül (or the carafe on your single brewer) and your coffee is guaranteed to taste better than coffee made with tap water.
  3. Benefit:  Save the environment by switching to a filtered water system instead of drinking bottled water.  One kül filter replaces 8,000 16 ounce bottles.  Can you imagine how many bottles you can keep out of the landfill each year? One person on average goes through about 170 bottles a year!
  4. Use:  Use filtered water for cooking.  Your food and your family will thank you!
  5. Benefit:  Avoid gastrointestinal disease by reducing water borne parasites from your water.
  6. Use:  Carbonate your filtered water and enjoy Sparkling Water instead of soda!  Add fruit to your water to give it extra flavor!
  7. Benefit:  Filtered water costs so much less than bottled water!  If you are constantly purchasing bottled water, you could be spending hundreds per year.  Or you can filter the water in your home.
  8. Use:  Do you enjoy hot beverage such as tea but don’t want to wait forever for a tea kettle?  Enjoy freshly filtered water from your kül and Rapid Hot water.  Add your tea bag or hot chocolate and instantly enjoy a hot beverage in the chilly weather.
  9. Benefit:   Drink filtered water everyday instead of sugary drinks to help control weight.
  10. Use:  Fill a reusable bottle before your work out with filtered water and enjoy ice cold water after your work out!

It is time to make the switch to filtered water!