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Why getting a home water dispenser may be the best move

December 14, 2023

With the 2020 pandemic still looming in our review mirror it’s time to make a healthy choice not only for you, but for all your loved ones. The pandemic has left a lot of us not feeling our best and drinking more water may seem like a band-aid approach, but it works much deeper than that. According to Emily Williams for Dignity Health increasing our consumption of water improves both your brain and bodies performance. With more water, you’re more likely to feel active, more alert and can concentrate better. While water helps your body recover quicker from workouts, prevents kidney stones, and can keep you from getting constipated.

With all these benefits, it’s a wonder that there is still a struggle to encourage your friends and family to drink more. From all the classic arguments of "I don’t like the taste of water", or, "I don’t know if what I’m drinking is actually clean", can make you feel like you’re fighting an up-hill battle. Kül wants to make hydration easier for you, buy offering some of the cleanest, most refreshing water that money can buy. No more "I don’t like the taste" or wondering if your water may have hidden contaminants in it. With a home water dispenser, the taste of the water is always exceptional. The kül Ultimate filter also guarantees the clarity of your drinking water by having a 0.5 micron removal. Removing over 80 common contaminates from water, including heavy metals such as lead and mercury as well as removing 50 chemical compounds and even pharmaceuticals! All of that, and it lasts up to 350 gallons of use, which can save you and your family hundreds in bottles of water.

Now I know you may be thinking, you don’t need all of that, you trust your tap water, but should you? Tap water can contain hundreds of microbes that can cause harm to you and your family. Not only that, but as natural disasters increase, this can leave your water supply susceptible. The home water dispenser on the other hand will never have a lapse in coverage. As long as you have a hookup to a water line, your bottleless water cooler will be able to work and keep providing you with clean safe drinking water.

Due to the cost effectiveness of not having to buy water bottles, the benefits to the environment from less plastic waste, the cleanliness of your current drinking water and any natural disasters that may come along and disturb your water supply are all reasons why you and your family should consider making the switch to a home water dispenser today.